September 23, 2023

The Obsession of Obsessing

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Do you obsess during hunting season or fishing season? Do you lay awake some nights thinking about that big buck you spotted or the monster tracks and rubs you’ve seen? How about fishing? The one that got away? The one you had on right up until you put the net into the water?

We all do it to some degree but some more than others. I suppose it is part of what makes our sport like no other. You could compare it to golf in some ways but before you go laughing at me, let me explain.

I’m a duffer like the vast majority of all of you – unless you play on the tour. You may go out to play 18 holes on Saturday and swing at the ball 80 – 130 times, depending on how good you are. Of those number of swings, you might – and the emphasis is on might – hit one ball “sweet”. Ahhhhhh! Man did that feel good. Good enough that you hit and chase another hundred or so balls hoping to find one more swing and hit that feels just as good or maybe better.

Hunting and fishing are no different. We spend hours looking and once in a while we find that one big ole boy that gives us bragging rights. Enough so that we get up early the next morning and give chase again. As I have told my wife many times, fishing is fishing – it’s not called catching for a reason.

This morning in the Norwich Bulletin, Bob Sampson Jr. has written an article called, “Every Year Presents a New Deer Obsession”. I think you’ll enjoy it and more than likely relate to it as well.

Tom Remington