June 6, 2023

High-Teching It

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The world of technology is growing so fast that sometimes it is nearly impossible to keep up – or maybe you’re a bit like me and don’t want to keep up.

One of the biggest items found underneath Christmas trees all across America this year is the IPod. Many feel the IPod is going to change communicating as we know it today. I’m not so sure it is that impressive a little gadget but people sure do like them.

It seems that cutting edge businesses are getting on the band wagon too and they are beginning pod casting. Pod casting is providing audio or video files through RSS for people to download and listen to or view.

We have even gotten into the act here at Maine Hunting Today and the Black Bear Blog. We have audio blogs available to those who would prefer to listen to the news or hear me speaking my mind on some issues involving the outdoors. We also have the Maine Hunting Today Radio.

We are moving toward making the files available for pod casting and if you got one of those dandy little gadgets for Christmas, you will be able to log on to our site and listen to your news and information.

I think there is another idea that might be useful. How about pulling out your Ipod and listening to or viewing a pod cast while fishing about how to properly present a mosquito nymph? Sound far fetched?

Well, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is encouraging ice fishermen to take their Ipods with them fishing. They are making pod casts available with ice fishing tips for the angler. You can read more about that here.

So, if you were one of the lucky ones and Santa brought you an Ipod, there are things you’ll be able to listen to or watch that I bet you had no idea you’d be able to.

Oh, just one thing! Be careful not to drop your Ipod down the ice hole.

Tom Remington