October 1, 2022

I Was Sitting in my Truck One Day, When a Bobcat Jumped in the WIndow….

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Sounds like the opening lines to a good piece of fiction….. but, it’s true. Bill Cochran of the Roanoke Times has the story and I’m not going to try to take any of the story credit away from Bill. It’s his “top weird story of the year” and he deserves the credit for the piece.

Seems that Bill had gotten an e-mail from a friend and he had a story that had come from the letter writer’s nephew. You know how stories go – especially on the Internet. Why, just the other day, I was chastised by a friend for letting him know that an e-mail story he sent me was not a true story. He e-mailed me back to tell me I shouldn’t let facts stand in the way of a good story.

So Bill, before having much of a chance to do any research into the incident, received the verification he needed to authenticate this doozy.

Go read his article. In short three men are sitting in a pick-up truck taking a break from bear hunting, when a bobcat shows up and begins hissing at them. What happened from there is just unbelievable as Bill will tell you.

Tom Remington