November 28, 2023

MTV Will "Take a Shot" at Guns and Their Effect on Society

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Tonight at 10:00 p.m. on MTV (not my favorite show and I am far from promoting anything they do on TV)a show called “True Life: I’m a Gun Owner” will air as part of their “True Life” so-called reality television.

MTV has not made public the script from the show (they said it wasn’t yet available)but many gun rights groups are beginning to speculate on the bias the liberal program will bring to this topic.

CNS News has the story of four people scheduled to appear on the program – a gangster, a convicted felon, a hunter and a victim, now an advocate of armed self defense.

As has been pointed out in the story, this is not a balanced representation of guns in our society when it is obvious half of the scheduled guests are criminals. But we can only guess what MTV will present and I for one, will not be watching it nor will I ever watch the show. If this is something you want to watch, go nuts. Perhaps you can enlighten us all.

I will wait until the dust settles and see what transpires from news stories in the morning.

Tom Remington