December 3, 2023

Sometimes I Just Rant and Rave

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Would someone please explain to me how a 3 year old child shoots a 6 year old with a gun. The story goes like this. A family in Texas was on a hunting trip on leased land in Williamson County. The 3 year old picked up a .22 caliber rifle, which was obviously loaded, pulled the trigger and shot his 6 year old brother in the leg. The injuries are not life threatening.

Authorities say the family thought the guns were unloaded. Thought? What can be going through the minds of any adult who would “think” a weapon was unloaded? There is no excuse. I’m sorry.

Police haven’t decided whether charges will be filed against any of the family members. In Texas it is against the law to make a gun accessible to a child. What decision is there to make? Some idiot(s) leave a loaded gun laying around where children have access to it and they can’t decide whether to press charges?

Tom Remington