November 28, 2023

Have You Ever Doubted That Hunters Are Conservationists?

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Perhaps we all have at some point or other but some people believe that hunters are only killers of wild animals. The Concord Monitor, out of Concord, New Hampshire has some information contained in a story that is interesting to set your eyes on about the way things were 70 years ago compared to today. Here’s a piece.

Lee Perry, executive director, writes in the most recent issue about New Hampshire demographics when the Fish and Game Department was reconstituted in 1935. New Hampshire had a population of 480,000. The deer herd number was 30,000. Moose numbered 50. Wild turkeys had disappeared. Wood ducks were rare. Beavers had been virtually wiped out and were in some sense of recovery in the North Country.

Seventy years later, and what a difference. Our population is now in excess of 1.2 million. The deer herd is approximately 70,000. The moose population is up to 6,000. Turkeys check in at 25,000 and are in all 10 counties and expanding yearly. The bear population is around 5,000 and has attained nuisance status in several small towns. The beaver has fully recovered statewide to a point where they need to be trapped or else they flood out back roads. Wood ducks have made an incredible recovery. Wood duck boxes dot many a swamp, helping maintain the expanded recovery of the woodies.

Tom Remington