January 29, 2023

Attention Podcast Listeners, Audio and Video Enthusiasts

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For some time now, Maine Hunting Today and the Black Bear Blog have been bringing you audio stories, tips and audio blogs. We have just recently become enrolled in podcasting and v-casting directories so we can be found.

There’s no special equipment to listen to our audio mp3 format files (soon we will be offering video in wmv format. If you have an IPod, you can download any of our files. They are free. Or you can simply click on the link and listen to them with your computer’s media player. For dial-up users or those who would prefer to save them on their hard drive , right-click the link and choose “save target as”.

Below is a list of some of our audio files. You can find a complete list at our Maine Hunting Today Radio site.

We have three feature stories you might enjoy.

Thanksgiving Day Buck
When Deer Become a Nuisance
It Isn’t Heaven But Almost

A sampling of some of our hunting tips:

Taking a Stand
Tracking a Wounded Deer
How to Remove Rust From a Gun Barrel

As well as some editorial offerings:

Nothing New From the Ignorant and Uninformed

Tom Remington