February 7, 2023

The Brian Prening Bill

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Also known as Assembly Bill 384, this bill was signed by the Governor of Wisconsin after a United States Marine named Brian Prening of Plymouth, Wisconsin. Prening was killed in action in Yusufiyah, Iraq November 12, 2004. He was an avid hunter.

There are permits needed for hunting and trapping in Wisconsin and sometimes those permits don’t come very easily. Some examples would be bear, geese, turkey and bonus points for deer. Each time a hunter applies for a permit, they accumulate points. The more points you amass, the better your odds of being selected for certain permits. Usually you need about 9 points to receive a much wanted permit. Brian had collected 8.

The newly signed Bill will now allow Brian’s family along with the help of the United Special Sportsman Alliance, to transfer those points to a terminally ill child with a wish to hunt. Brian’s father has found a group of hunters willing to help that child find and shoot a bear.

What a fitting tribute and a wonderful way to honor a fallen hero.

Tom Remington