January 29, 2023

How Would You Kill a Moose?

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Would you use a high-powered rifle? – a muzzle loader? – how about a bow and arrow? – a long bow or a cross bow? – would you be brave enough to attempt the feat with a .44 magnum revolver? – or would you attack one with your snowmobile, then jump on the moose’s back and kill it with an axe?

That’s what Anthony Norris of Trinity, Bonavista Bay in Canada has been sent to jail for 2 months for doing. The charges claim that Norris charged the moose with his snowmobile several times until he broke the rear legs. At that point he jumped on the moose’s back and killed it with an axe.

Now, that is either one hungry man or one deranged one, I’m not sure which.

After he gets out of the clink, he will be on probation for 2 years and the judge ordered this guy to get counseling. Ya think he needs some?

Tom Remington