February 5, 2023

Public Debate Has Begun on De-listing the Grizzly

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The Grizzly Bear

CNN reports about the public debate that has begun in and around the Yellowstone National Park area about removing the grizzly bear from the endangered list and putting control of the animal into the hands of each of the state’s wildlife departments – Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

Although the report has nothing new in it, I would like to draw your attention to this comment made by Dave Moody, Wyoming’s trophy game coordinator.

“Literally thousands and thousands” from across the nation are expected to apply for licenses to hunt grizzlies when Wyoming offers a season, which could happen as early as next year, said Dave Moody, the state’s trophy game coordinator.

It is unfortunate and I’m sure an oversight on the part of CNN, that they didn’t tell the rest of the story. That being, if and when hunting grizzlies becomes a reality, thousands upon thousands of excited hunters will apply for a chance at hunting one of the bears – thousands and thousands out of perhaps 6 – 10 permits that will actually be issued.

But that wouldn’t be quite so sensational reporting now would it.

Tom Remington