September 24, 2023

Big Brother Wants to Watch More of What You Do

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Well, that’s if you live in Boston but Boston and the state of Massachusetts haven’t figured it out yet.

Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo wants gun manufacturers to install gps tracking devices into all guns manufactured and sold. No, I’m not kidding. But Boston don’t get it. Their arrests involving gun related crime has risen 37% and crimes committed with guns has risen 77%. What they are too stupid to understand is right in front of their faces. The more rights they take away from lawful citizens to arm and protect themselves, the more the thugs and crooks move in to further their careers as criminals.

If I were a hunting guide, I wouldn’t move to Boston looking for work. On the same token, if I were a criminal, like a bank robber, or a cat burglar, I’d go where nobody is allowed to own a gun. But they can’t figure it out. Neither can other cities around this country. Statistics show that the safest places to be is wear the citizenry are armed.

I wonder if the ACLU will jump on this wagon? Doubtful! Or any other civil liberties group. What other items in our society do we track the whereabouts of? Some people CHOOSE to have tracking devices put in their cars in case they are stolen – the key word being choose.

I guess if I wanted to have a device installed in my guns, that should be my choice.

I say end this foolishness now!

Tom Remington