February 6, 2023

Public Hearing Was a "Grizzly" Event

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Cody, Wyoming was the site of a public hearing on de-listing the grizzly bear from the endangered list. There were two sides to the issue – no big surprise – the conservationist, animal rightists, etc. and the outfitters, ranchers and hunters. Those in favor of de-listing the bear had a simple plan for the public hearing – Git er done! They just want to move on with the plan.

Those opposed presented reasons why they think the plan should be halted.

* Key foods for bears are at risk or in decline.

* Habitat protections are not strong enough.

* Hunting grizzlies is a bad idea until better protections are in place.

* U.S. Forest Service plans to protect the bear and bear habitat are not enforceable.

* There are no assurances that federal or state governments will come up with the money needed to delist and then monitor grizzly populations.

But, not all conservationist groups were opposed to the plan. National Parks Conservation Association, Wyoming Wildlife Federation and National Wildlife Federation all favored delisting, though the NPCA had concerns about protection of habitat, long-term funding assurances and “prompt action to relist” should the grizzly get into trouble.

For a complete rundown of what took place at the hearing go here.

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Tom Remington