January 28, 2023

Amateur Trap Shooting Association Will Move Its Site

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Since 1924, the Amateur Trap Shooting Association has held the 11-day Grand American Championship in Vandalia, Ohio. Partly because of developement concerns in Ohio, that championship is being move to Marrisa, Illinois, a town of about 2000.

Construction has been underway in the little town and reports say things are actually running ahead of schedule. The complex is going to be overseen by the Illinois DNR and operated as a state park. The park will have much to offer and plans are for it to be operational about 250 days out of each year.

The complex, to be overseen by the Department of Natural Resources as a state park, will feature 120 trapshooting fields and 1,000 camping pads, making it Illinois’ largest camping area. The property includes three “lakes” of water-filled strip pits.

Crews have the site’s 34,000-square-foot events center – eventual home to conference rooms, showers and some eateries – under roof and are to finish out the interior through the winter. Five buildings with a combined 40,000 square feet for lease by corporate vendors are done, with 51 of the 55 compartments already spoken for, Flood said.

The site’s 120 traphouses are built. Underground sewer, water and electric lines are in place. Most of the roads and parking areas in the complex’s main area are blacktopped, with camping areas soon to get asphalt. A showerhouse is half built.

The Grand American event will be held August 8 – 18, 2006.

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Tom Remington