September 25, 2022

It Not My Fault – It Not My Fault

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I am soley responsible for all my actions – period. And so are you. If this is true, why do we continuously blame someone else? Boston blames the other New England states for their gun violence. New York blames the rest of the world for their gun violence and Canada blames the U.S. for its gun violence.

We go about dealing with criminals in this country the same way that we deal with terrorist – we think they think like law abiding people who are respectful of laws. Not true! We can make laws forever but if they are never enforced what is to become of the criminal?

When we refuse to enforce existing laws and our ideologue fails, let’s blame someone else. This is what the world has resorted to.

Let’s use the same thought processes as Bloomberg of New York and David Miller, Mayor of Toronto. They believe that if you go to the rest of the planet and remove guns from the lawful, gun crimes will cease. Let’s apply that same theory across the board.

If we prohibit families from having baby girls, there won’t be dirty old men preying on them and we can reduce of sexual predator problems drastically.

We can take cars away from the general public and that would stop many things – bank robberies using get-away vehicles, accidents that kill innocent people, speeding, car theft. Just think of the possibilities. Car are evil, man!

Let’s take food away too! Fat people cause us all kinds of problems and no more method of poisoning someone you don’t like.

We now need to remove the sale of baseball bats from stores nationwide because we have seen on video, teenagers beating up homeless people in Miami with them.

And speaking of homeless, let’s get rid of park benches. Let’s get rid of parks for that matter. How many crimes are committed in parks everyday? Take away the parks, no more crime. This is easy. Why haven’t we thought of this before?

If we didn’t have lobbyists, there wouldn’t be a problem with illegal campaign money changing hands. Oh, wait a minute! That actually might work. My bad!

Maybe you’ve gotten my point. Bloomberg, Miller and others need to pay attention to what’s going on at home and stop blaming the rest of the world’s innocents for their lack of enforcement problems.

Tom Remington