March 30, 2023

Blagojevish and Daley, Two Peas in a Pod or They Just Don't Get It

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Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Daley said they are making it their priority to ban certain guns statewide.I sound like a broken record sometimes about how government personel and believers in the removal of the second amendment, just refuse to see the forest throught the trees. These two are spouting the message that gun rights advocates don’t need to own certain kinds of guns. This is the basis for their new “chipping away” tactic at gun rights.

I think the best approach is to gather up the mayors of San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, the list can go on, and transport them and their followers to a location where they can build and live in their own little utopian city.

This would work wonders for the rest of us because that’s where all the criminals will, just like they do now. These jackasses stand up in front of the public spreading their message of how they are going to end gun violence in America by taking guns away for lawful people. When asked about why their city’s gun associated crimes are so high compared to the rest of the country, they can’t come up with a truthful answer – only that more guns need to be taken away from you and I.

Ugh! Ugh!

I am an over-simplistic fool, I know, but I have a right to own a gun – whatever one I choose. Because someone else don’t like that I have that right, doesn’t allow them to remove that right. If we are going to take that approach to this issue, let’s apply the same to other issues.

I don’t like some of the things that Mayor Daley says, so let’s take away some or all of his rights to free speech. I don’t like the fact that John Kerry is a Catholic, so let’s tell him he can be as religious as he would like to be so long as it isn’t Catholicism.

I suppose you get my point!

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Tom Remington