December 1, 2022

Unhappy Campers, errrr Hunters

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Hunters gathered in protest outside Northern Michigan University, site of a recent meeting of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. What is their beef? (sorry, again I just can’t help myself).

Hunters are unhappy with how the DNR is managing the deer herd in the northern part of the state. They say the deer population is too low and the DNR is not doing enough to change it.

Of course this wasn’t your typically left-wing nut cases violently protesting establishment. This looked more like a deer camp setting with hunters chatting and tell deer stories, holding picket signs while their dogs strolled about the scene having a grand time.

One protestor summed his feelings up this way.

“You can blame anyone you want, you can blame how many licenses are sold, or the hunters that are shooting all the deer, or the wolves, but (the DNR) has to do something to change their ways,”

Tom Remington