December 2, 2023

California Offers Advance Classes in Hunting and Outdoor Skills

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California, like many states, require a hunter safety course before you can purchase a hunting license. The state is now offering advanced training courses being offered throughout the year.

“The Advanced Hunter Education clinics focus instruction on the ‘how-to’ aspect of hunting,” said program coordinator Susan Herrgesell.

“The goal of this series is to educate hunters to be ethical, conservation-minded, and successful. Our clinics and instructors will take the participants a step beyond the basic DFG Hunter Education course that is required for all hunters.”

Hunting clinics will be available on subjects such as big game, wild pig, turkey, upland game birds, and waterfowl………..Instructors at the hunting clinics will explain the ideal firearms and ammunition for a particular hunt, the importance of proper sighting for firearms, and how to gauge distance.

They will also instruct on how to scout an area and track an animal, and describe the best techniques for field dressing.

Participants will stage shoot/don’t shoot scenarios, as well as discuss issues on hunter ethics, landowner/hunter relationships, conservation, and safety.

For more information go here.

Tom Remington