January 26, 2023

Maine Warden Service Locates Two Missing Toddlers

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In what appears to be a case of two absolutely stupid parents fleeing from police suspected in robberies, they abandoned their two children in the woods to fend for themselves – ages 16 months and almost 3.

Maine Wardens Find Missing Children Game Warden Kevin Anderson assists Game Warden Terry Hughes in attending to a 16-month old girl who spent the night in the woods. (IFW Photo)

Maine Wardens find Children Game Warden Kevin Anderson attends to a 16-month old toddler who suffered from frostbite on her fingers, nose and toes after spending a night in the woods. (IFW Photo)

PALERMO, Maine — Game Warden Pilot Charlie Later located two missing toddlers early Saturday morning after they had been abandoned in the woodsoff the Chisolm Pond Road in Palermo.

The young girls, ages 16 months and nearly three years old, spent the night in the woods and were located by Warden Later as they were lying next to a stonewall in the woods. Volunteer searcher Billy-Jo Sherman was the first to reach the pair.

The two girls had mild frostbite on their fingers, noses and toes, and were also hypothermic. They were treated on the scene by emergency medical personnel and transported to Maine General Hospital in Augusta.

The girls parents, Sean, 24, and Kristie Anderson, 25, of Albion are suspects in a two burglaries in the area. The Andersons fled into the woods with their children on Friday afternoon in an attempt to evade police.
Sean Anderson came out of the woods alone later that afternoon, and did not know where his wife and children were.

Game Wardens, police, search and rescue dogs, and volunteers searched the area, and continued through the night in an effort to find the mom and two children. Kristie Anderson was located and rescued at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, but her children were not with her. One hour later, the girls were found about a mile from where the mom was found.

Sean Anderson was arrested on Friday night and charged with two counts of burglary. Kristie Anderson was taken to a hospital in Belfast and has not yet been charged.

More charges against the Andersons could follow.

Thankfully, it appears the children will be fine. I hope they find a home where they will be taken care of and lock up the parents and throw away the key.