October 5, 2022

Ohio Town Thinking of Allowing Deer Hunts Within Town Limits

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Oakwood, Ohio is no different than thousands of other towns spread out across the U.S. when it comes to dealing with an overpopulation of deer. The town council will meet next Monday to decide on a new ordinance.

The ordinance would allow home owners to have a licensed hunter with a crossbow or bow and arrow, harvest the deer from their property. First, they would have to file for a permit. Then officials would come and verify that there was a problem and then get permission from the city manager.

Sounds like the potential for a political nightmare to me. It would seem that the city would either approve an ordinance or not. This seems as though a property owner can get a permit through the state by filing and having an agent come and inspect their property for damage, etc., then the city manager grants permission. I sure hope the city manager isn’t an anti-hunter or animal rights freek!

Tom Remington