January 30, 2023

Wisconsin Hunting Age Will Drop to 8 Years

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In a 79-19 vote by the general Assembly in Wisconsin, a bill to lower the legal hunting age to 8 passed without much ado. Some are upset about the passage of the bill saying that the bill removes requirements for safety.

If you look at the bill and use some reasoning, you’ll see that it’s a pretty good bill. In addressing the issue of hunter safety, the bill does not require an 8 year old to take a hunter safety course. This upsets some lawmakers.

For those who have a difficult time in letting parents be parents, I can understand how this could upset them but realistically, what is a hunter safety course for an 8 year old going to teach them that an adult can’t?

Further examination of the bill shows that the 8 year olds must be within arms length of a “mentor” – parent or someone appointed by the parent. The more important aspect of this bill requires that one gun is shared by both the mentor and the hunter. That sounds like a pretty good idea to me.

When the 8 year old turns 12, a hunter safety course is required, the same as it is now. Personally, I think this bill will work and it will accomplish a couple of things. One, it should work to better involve family members at an earlier age to become involved in hunting and two, in the long run, hunting will be an even safer sport than it is now.

Tom Remington