November 28, 2022

Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Meetings

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The following meetings are scheduled for this coming Thursday, January 26, 2006

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (287-1338)

1:00 PM Room 206, Cross State Office Building

L.D. 1813    An Act To Allow Smelt Dipping in Long Lake in Aroostook County (Sponsor: Rep. SMITH of Van Buren)

L.D. 1896    An Act To Make License Requirements and Rules Consistent for Young Anglers (Sponsor: Rep. BRYANT of Windham) (DEPARTMENT BILL) (Submitted by Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife)

L.D. 1819    An Act To Protect Volunteer-earned Funds of the Maine Wildlife Park (Sponsor: Rep. AUSTIN of Gray)

L.D. 1877    An Act To Protect the Water Quality of Colcord Pond and Bickford Pond in Porter (Sponsor: Rep. MUSE of Fryeburg)