February 2, 2023

Virginia Lawmaker Embarrassed

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John S. “Jack” Reid is embarrassed and also thankful that no one was injured yesterday when his handgun, a .380 caliber, accidentally discharged in his office at the state building where it is located. He was attempting to unload the weapon when it went off striking a bullet-proof vest hanging on his door.

Virginia law allows lawmakers to carry weapons into the buildings where they work. Reid had acquired a permit for concealed weapon carry a couple of years ago over concerns of some kind of threat of which he would not elaborate.

Some lawmakers began talking about taking a new look at the rules governing handguns in the state houses but House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith had this to say.

“The truth is you’re more likely to get hurt in a car accident than by a gun,” he said. “So why restrict people’s freedoms?”

Amen, to that!

Tom Remington