January 26, 2023

If You're Going Night Hunting, Bring a Partner Who Won't Leave You

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Two Texas men were out at 5 a.m. looking for coyote I guess, when a witness said they saw the pick-up truck Stephen Douglas Francis, 22 of Bryan and Mark David Spangler, 21 of Houston were in, pull up beside the road. The witness next heard a gun shot and Francis exited the vehicle heading out into a pasture.

While out searching for the coyote, with a .44 magnum pistol, the man who owned the land they were illegally hunting on, approached Spangler at the truck. Spangler sped off leaving Francis in the pasture to fend for himself.

Authorities eventually found both men and charged them with hunting a non-game animal from a vehicle. They were released from jail on $4,000 bail.

Tom Remington