September 22, 2023

Spring Turkey Hunt Begins in Vermont May 1, 2006

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It seems that turkey hunters everywhere are getting ramped up to start calling the gobblers. In Vermont, their spring hunt begins statewide on May 1 and runs for the entire month. When you buy a turkey hunting license, you get two tags for bearded turkeys and one tag for an either sex turkey for the fall hunt.

Vermont’s turkey population is one of the healthiest around boasting about 40,000 birds in the tiny state. Turkeys are spread from the southern boarders north to the Canadian boarder. There is no lottery for permits as anyone can purchase a license and get their tags.

Vermont was the first New England state to re-establish turkeys bringing in 31 birds in 1969. Since that time funds generated from hunting licenses and federal taxes collected on the sale of hunting equipment has continued to fund the management and care of the birds.

For more information about Vermont’s spring turkey hunt or anything pertaining to hunting or fishing, visit their web site.

Tom Remington