February 4, 2023

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Approve New Shot For Waterfowl Hunting

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service has approved four new non-toxic shots for waterfowl and coot hunting. Below is a list of the approved shot. You can get more information by visiting the U.S. Fish and Wildlife web site.

The approved shot types are

A formulation of tungsten-iron-copper-nickel (TICN) shot, composed of 40-76 percent tungsten, 10-37 percent iron, 9-16 percent copper and 5-7 percent nickel produced by Spherical Precision, Inc. of Tustin, California;

A formulation of iron-tungsten-nickel (ITN) alloys composed of 20-70 percent tungsten, 10-40 percent nickel, and 10-70 percent iron produced by ENVIRON-Metal Inc. of Sweet Home, Oregon;

A formulation of tungsten-bronze (TB) shot made of 60 percent tungsten, 35.1 percent copper, 3.9 percent tin, and 1 percent iron produced by Olin Corporation of East Alton, Illinois; and

A formulation of tungsten-tin-iron (TTI) shot composed of 58 percent tungsten, 38 percent tin, and 4 percent iron produced by Nice Shot, Inc., of Albion, Pennsylvania

Tom Remington