January 27, 2023

Indiana High Fence Hunting is Doomed

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It appears from a move by Indiana Senate President Robert Garton, a bill that would have given owners of fenced-in game preserves until 2013 to dismantle their businesses, will die in the Senate Rules Committee.

There has been confusion and controversy over the entire issue of hunting preserves in Indiana ever since the first one opened. It appeared there were no laws prohibiting them and few if any rules regulating them either. About 15 have opened up across the state and some of them are not being run well at all.

Department of Natural Resources Director Kyle Hupfer announced in August that there were no laws that would allow these kinds of businesses and he was going to shut them down. Some Indiana Legislators scrambled to devise a Bill that would allow the preserve owners 7 years to dissolve their businesses and re-coup some of their investments.

Now it appears that Bill is dead having narrowly passed in the House and now the Senate says the wording of the Bill is not right. Proponents of the Bill are now faced with letting it go or trying to come up with a reworded new Bill. This is not likely to happen.

If no Bill is passed in this session of Congress, the DNR will begin enforcing closure of game preserves statewide in April or May.

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Tom Remington