September 29, 2022

Are Hunters Concerned About the Cheney/Whittington Hunting Accident?

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Concerned? Yeah, I’d say most were concerned but not in the way you might think. Hunters have far bigger concerns than whether Vice President Dick Cheney was at fault or Harry Whittington. Unless you are like many around the country that can’t take off their hate-filled eyeglasses for a minute, the hunting accident in south Texas last weekend is pretty much a nothing story. As Bill O’Reilly put it on the O’Reilly Factor the other night, other than the Whittington family and Dick Cheney’s personal emotions, this event has no effect on anyone else – really.

I have been all over the blogoshere, television, newspapers, you name it, and other than a few control freaks and Bush/Cheney haters, hunters see the accident as just what it was, an accident, which required quick services like first aid toronto from c2c. Of course all the so-called experts weighed in with their analysis of what went wrong and who was at fault, even though they weren’t at the scene, but the vast majority of hunters agree, that Cheney pulled the trigger.

Cheney has now gone public and admitted the entire thing was his fault – completely. He also said it was one of the worst days of his life. I’ll bet it was. So, as promised, the media and politicians will shut up, right? Ha!
Let’s clear up one more issue of which some hunters are having difficulty getting beyond. Cheney and Whittington failed to purchase a new $7.00 upland bird permit that was necessary for them to be hunting quail. They were issued a warning, as was every other Tom, Dick and Harry, Fred and Barney. They paid their $7.00. The issue is over. Let’s move on.

Hunters have bigger concerns than being peppered by birdshot because their buddy got too damned excited over a quail. Again, some hunters can’t get beyond the fact that Cheney made a mistake and that somehow because he is the VEEP, he can’t do that. Okay, he made two mistakes – shooting his buddy and not buying the correct permit. Some of these same hunters think that because the Vice President of the United States screwed up and shot a friend, this will reflect badly on all hunters. I got news for you! All those who think hunters are bad people will continue to think hunters are bad people and those who are intelligent know better and will move on and learn any valuable lessons from it.

No, hunters have more concerns about their sport than this. My guess, without having all the polls, facts and figures to back up my claims, is that a hunter’s number one concern is land access, followed by healthy game to hunt, the right to own a gun, license fees, wildlife management practices, whether they will draw a permit to hunt a moose next year, the price of gas to get to their favorite hunting spot, time off from work to hunt, just to name a few and not necessarily in the order that I listed them.

Somewhere down at the bottom of some but not all people’s lists, is concern about being peppered with bird shot. So you see, it’s not the hunters who are having a raving fit about anything Dick Cheney has done. Hunters are focused on more important things. Things like family hunting time and conservation, being able to take their kid out hunting when they feel their kid is ready not some politician at the state capital telling him, respecting wildlife and landowners – anything but being shot.

Hunting is far bigger than two men sharing time at a south Texas ranch. It’s bigger than a mistake made by a human being. It’s bigger than angry people with an axe to grind. It’s bigger than David Gregory at NBC getting mad over nothing. It’s bigger than Vice President Dick Cheney and Harry Whittington. So let’s get beyond this insane debate over a nothing story that is between Cheney and his hunting partner.
Let’s move on! There’s a lot of work to be done!
Tom Remington