December 4, 2022

I'm a Pepper, You're a Pepper, Wouldn't You Like to Be Peppered Too

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Remember the Dr. Pepper commericals? I added a twist to the end. Instead of “be a pepper too” I said “be peppered too”. Are you with me? Think, south Texas. No? Try Vice President? Still not on board? Here’s the last clue. The Vice President, Dick Cheney, should be impeached because he poached game! There! If that don’t do it go visit PETA’s web site.
Not to get onto a topic of which I am attempting to put to rest, unless something obscene happens. I was reading an article this morning in an online publication about many things, and one small part of the multi-subjected article talked about bird hunting and bird shot.

What the writer was attempting to do was clarify to the masses of illiterate hunters in this country, the difference between buckshot and birdshot – I’ll spare you the lecture. But what was most interesting was this piece of mindblowing information.

In a poll conducted in South Dakota prior to the VPs hunting assault on Harry Whittington, 883 bird hunters were asked if they had ever been peppered with birdshot while hunting.

According to this article, and the author doesn’t give links to sources, (*see update below*) of the 883 bird hunters polled, 484 answered yes – that’s roughly 55%. To go along with the recent story in Texas, 365 of those peppered were wearing hunting blaze orange.

*update* Your trusty guide just spent hours doing some reseach on this poll thing and I found the site and the poll that was taken. The poll was conducted between October 13, 2003 until November 6, 2003 at a web site called Pheasant Country.

The poll conducted by Pheasant Country doesn’t have a poll during that same time period finding out how the media reacted to those 484 bird hunters that became peppered. That’s too bad.

Are you a pepper or are you a pepperer? Maybe your both.
Here’s a footnote! If I stumble across one more ignorant SOB editorialist who says that if Cheney and Whittington had been hunting in their state, they would have been arrested. GEEZUM! If squirrels were trophy bucks, I’d be, I’d be, uh….er….Happy?

Tom Remington