February 4, 2023

Minnesota Petition Asks to Allow Use of Scopes With Muzzle Loaders

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Under current law, Minnesota prohibits the use of scopes on muzzle loaders, unless you are sight impaired. Since 1980 scopes have not been allowed. The reason was done more because of the desire to create a more primitive means of hunting for the purist of the sport. It appears that the mindset of muzzle loader hunting is changing – at least in Minnesota.
A group of Polk County muzzle loader hunters have collect about 250 names on a petition in an attempt to convince law makers to author a bill to allow scopes on muzzle loading weapons.

A recent survey conducted in Minnesota showed that the majority of muzzle loader hunters thought scopes would be a good thing. Of the 298 people who responded to the survey 68% agreed that the change was necessary. At meetings at different sites across the state, the response in favor of the change was higher than the 68%.

Proponents of the change say that with the scopes, it will help reduce the deer population in areas where it is needed and would also make for fewer wounded deer.

Most opponents would like to see the sport remain in its primitive form.

The Minnesota DNR is not taking a position one way or the other until they see the particulars of any proposed legislation. One thing they did say was they felt that generally speaking, the issue was more social than anything that would have any substantive affect on deer hunting.

Tom Remington