February 1, 2023

One Tiny Town In Maine Uses Tax Dollars to Feed Deer

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Lincoln Plantation, Maine also known to locals as Wilsons Mills, this year voted to appropriated $8,000 to feed deer. With a bustling population of 46, that’s about $174 a head. Yeah, that’s right. They decide how much they think it is going to cost each year and they vote it in at the annual town meeting. It is said that the tax payers will squabble over $100 for a culvert but when it comes to feeding the deer, they’re all in.
Despite what the residents there have heard about the dangers of feeding deer, they disagree and frankly, I don’t think they give a dam either. They say they see the same deer coming back year after year, so you can’t convince them that feeding the deer will cause harm. You can read the blog I wrote this morning about the dangers of feeding deer.

Residents of Lincoln Plantation have been feeding the deer during the winter months as far back as the 1950s and 1960s. Residents say they have watched as logging operations, spruce bud worm and severe weather has wrecked havoc with the deer habitat and so they have stepped up their efforts to keep the deer fed.

They are careful with what they feed the deer and consistent as well. They keep the feeding stations away from roads and spread it out over several different areas.

Even some of the local game wardens think that the feeding has gone on so long now, if they stopped, half the deer might just die off within the first year.

Tom Remington