March 20, 2023

Wolf Pair May Have Been Released Illegally

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What was once a pair of wolves in eastern Pennsylvania, is now minus one male. A citizen shot and killed one of the two wolves on February 19, 2006. The carcass has been turned over the the Game Commission for testing. Tests hope to show if the animal is a pure bred wolf or if not, perhaps they can determine its origin.

The wolf that was shot by an unidentified individual, weighed about 120 pounds. He had been seen around the Gettysburg and New Oxford areas.The lone remaining wolf was last spotted in Straban Township.

Game officials urged caution to people living in and around this area to be aware there is still one wolf at large. One report came in that a pet collie had been attacked and died as a result of injuries suffered in the attack. It has not been confirmed that one of the wolves attacked the dog.

Tom Remington