December 10, 2023

Mayor Nagin, New Orleans Refuse To Return Guns To Owners

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Shortly after hurricane Katrina nailed the Gulf Coast and in particular Mississippi and Louisiana, police in the city of New Orleans traveled about the city illegally confiscating guns from law abiding citizens. It was deemed an outrage as well as putting many people at serious risk because they lost their only means of self defense from thugs and looters.

The NRA went to work through the courts to get this actions stopped. The courts agreed and ordered the city to stop taking guns away from these people and to return the guns to their rightful owners.

This has not happened and so once again, the NRA along with the Second Amendment Foundation, has filed a lawsuit against Mayor Hagin and New Orleans Police Superintendent Warren Riley.

Alan Gottlieb, founder of SAF, said that the lawsuit was initiated only after all attempts through legal channels have failed to get Nagin and Riley to act. He said the city of New Orleans will only say that no guns were illegally confiscated but attorneys for the NRA and SAF have documented proof that this is not so. Gottlieb wants to have Nagin and Riley appear before a public court and explain why they should not be held in contempt of the court.

Tom Remington