October 5, 2022

Woman Earns Hunting Ethics Award

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It’s always great to hear about a story that ends well and to find that some people, without really trying, are nice people. Take the case of Emily Gutenkauf of Minnesota. She was sitting in her stand one morning when a wounded deer entered her area. It had a wounded leg and she knew it was suffering, yet she hesitated in what to do.

Knowing that she didn’t want to interfere with someone else’s hunt, she also didn’t want the deer to suffer or to escape whoever wounded it and not be found. She was also concerned about placing a shot that would be lethal yet not spoil any meat.

She placed a shot that finished the deer off and waited for the hunters in persuit. She remained in her treestand waiting. When the other two hunters arrived, the hunter who had made the first shot was visibly mad at not making a good clean kill. He congratulated her on the deer and began to leave. She told him the deer was his, she was only helping out.

There is more to this story about how later they all met up again and how she ended up being rewarded for her actions. You can read about the entire episode here at ESPN Outdoors.

Tom Remington