September 24, 2023

Baxtergate – Mired in Anger, Hatred…..Politics as Usual

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As the debate continues, one wonders how any solution can be found with people on either side making what has become typical rhetoric in today’s polarization of left vs. right, Republicans vs. Democrats, hunters vs. non-hunters, etc. Take these comments made by one John Glowa of South China, Maine. The first was a comment he made during the first hearing about Baxtergate. The second appears today in a letter to the editor of the Morning Sentinel.

“Hunters, trappers and snowmobilers do not have a lock on Maine’s outdoors and Maine’s outdoor heritage,” said John Glowa of South China. “As one of the 90 percent of Mainers who don’t hunt, I am tired of the outdoor extremists trying to impose their wills on the rest of us.”

George Smith’s self-serving attack on Baxter State Park (article, Feb. 28) and the wishes of Percival Baxter are nothing short of eco-terrorism (terrorism against the ecosystem) and should be punished as such.It was perhaps the most despicable public act I have ever witnessed. If he had a conscience, he’d be ashamed of himself.

Now, that’s how to move forward in a positive way to get something done. The one question I have is, who’s imposing whose will on whom? (Is that proper English?) If not, cut me to shreds and call me names. Or better yet, blame it on George Bush but if you’re tired of blaming him let’s blame George Smith.

Tom Remington