June 2, 2023

Arkansas Game And Fish Commission Being Sued

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A lawsuit has been filed in federal court by Stanley K. Delancy of West Monroe, Louisiana and Kathy Woodall of Chicot County, Arkansas, against the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The suit seeks compensation for the destruction of 30 Rocky Mountain elk imported from Louisiana.

According to the lawsuit, Delancy and Woodall, entered into a business agreement in 2001 to open a 3000 acre hunting preserve in Chicot County, Arkansas on land owned by Woodall.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission refused to allow Delancy permission to keep the elk in the 3000 acre fenced in property. AG&F sought a court order to remove the animals from the state or destruction of the elk.

According to the lawsuit, the game commission said they wouldn’t allow the elk into the state because of the threat of the spread of chronic wasting disease. The suit also claims that before the commission killed all 30 animals, they were made aware that a new process had been developed that allows for the testing of the disease in live animals, but refused to use the test. Prior to this, the only known method was to autopsy a dead animal’s brain.
The suit also claims that the ADG&W blocked an attempt by both parties to return the elk back to Louisiana where they come from by persuading Louisiana officials to not allow the animals to return.

All 30 elk were killed and tested for CWD. All results came back negative.

Tom Remington