September 28, 2022

Debate Will Rage at Louisiana Game Commission Meeting

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On March 14, 2006 at Yambilee Center in Opelousas, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission will conduct a public hearing to receive comments about changes to next season’s deer hunting regulations.

One change that has been approved is the bag limit of 3 bucks and 3 does. Nobody seems objectionable to that but what is causing a raucous is the proposal to ban deer hunting with dogs on state owned lands.

Deer hunting with dogs goes back many years in Louisiana but what is bringing controversy to this is, as always, the few who spoil it for everyone. It is difficult to control dogs during a hunt. Dogs can’t decipher property lines and often end up on private property or running through the middle of food crops for deer. Some land owners and hunters want to see something done to change this. At the same time, dog hunters who have done this for years without any issues, want to be able to continue.

You can attend this meeting and voice your concerns or by the following:

At the commission’s meetings April 6 and May 4 in Baton Rouge.

Written comments will be accepted until May 4, mail your comments to:

David Moreland, Administrator, Wildlife Division, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, P.O. Box 98000, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70898

There are other public meetings scheduled throughout the state. You can get information on those by visiting the LDWF web site.

Tom Remington