February 3, 2023

Virginia Bears Stirring

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According to some bear experts, black bears in Virginia might decided to crawl out of their dens a little bit early this spring, due to the extended warm weather. Typically, male bears wipe the sleepy sands out of their eyes around mid-March. Experts think some will be up and about by this weekend.

Female bears with cubs are the last to roll out. Most typically won’t emerge until around mid-April.

Since 1990, the bear population in Virginia has been on the rise – about a 6% to 8% increase and with that more complaints from citizens about nuisance bear problems. Those complaints have waned recently due to the easy and abundant food supplies for bear in the woods. When natural supplies dry up, bears go on the move looking for food and often times can end up in your garbage can in your back yard.

Tom Remington