December 11, 2023

Virginia Shelves Gun Rights Bill

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A bill that would prohibit business owners from banning its’ employees from keeping guns locked up in their cars while on site, has been shelved until next year’s session.

This bill is similar to bills in other states attempting to do the same thing. Recently in Florida a similar actions occured when lawmakers realized the issue was nearly split in two.

Those who favor this legislation say that allowing business owners to prohibit them from having a gun in their car while on company property, poses a serious safety issue in personal protection. It is also a violation of the individual’s personal property and what they can and cannot have in their automobiles.

Business owners against the bill say it is a safety concern for themselves and their employees. They fear a disgruntled employee will get mad and run to their car, get a gun and return to the building and kill someone.

The Senate sent the bill to the Courts of Justice Committee on a voice vote.

Tom Remington