January 27, 2023

New Jersey Bear Protesters File Suit

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Why are extreme left wing whackos so violent and use law-breaking methods to make their point? Is it because they have no point? Is it because there is no sane reason for what they believe in? Is it because they are just simply insane? Do they need to get a life?

New Jersey has been dealing with groups and individuals fighting to stop bear hunting in the northern reaches of the state. In 2003, New Jersey held a bear hunt and that was protested by those who didn’t want it to happen. The following year, the bear hunt was called off and this year it was on again at the last minute. Groups opposing the hunt again went about their business to protest by harrassing and breaking the laws to do it. Now they are sueing because they feel their constitutional rights have been violated.

I have no objection to anyone wanting to legally protest anything. It is their right as an American citizen. But you can’t break the laws that keep our nation sane and then file a law suit claiming the laws are unfair.

Recently, four of the protesters filed suit against an array of people including the officer in charge of providing security at a hunter check station at Wawayanda Park. Named in the suit also were the arresting officer and one of the bear hunters.

Aside from the petty childish behavior of one group who deliberately stepped through a barrier that was set up to contain the protesters, another group went out into the woods to confront and harrass the hunters. One protester, Albert Kazemian was charged with terrorist threatening after he told one hunter that he would go get his Arab friends and they would come and kill him. I can’t substantiate one report that says he was soon put on a terrorist watch list. That charge has since been reduced to harrassment. With a brilliant mind such as that of Kazemian, he was probably on a terrorist watch list long before he threatened a bear hunter in New Jersey.

The idiot protesters are alleging a conspiracy between the hunters and law officials to set up the protesters for false arrest. Where have we heard that story before? One woman, brave as she was in making her case known to the public about how she stands on the bear hunting issue, fled into the woods to avoid being arrested. Her identity remains a mystery.

Exposing people like these is a good tool to use to combat the negative press that hunters receive. It is important to make sure that the rest of the citizenry knows the truth about who these people are and what they stand for. They are clinically insane!!

Tom Remington