September 28, 2023

Brucellosis Testing on Wyoming Ranch

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Wyoming would like to be declared brucellosis free but in order to that, the state must go at least one full year with no reported cases of the disease. Part of the problem with this diseases is cattle and elk feeding together and transmitting the disease back and forth.

Last year a ranch in western Wyoming, with about 80 head, was known to have shared feeding lines with infected elk. Officials wanted to quarantine the ranch but that was met with opposition. Instead, officials are working with the ranch owners to have all the cattle tested. The ranch owner has agreed to not sell any cattle until all testing is complete.
If test results are negative, Wyoming could be taken off the list of states infected with the disease. This would ease restrictions on buying and selling of cattle and beef.

Brucellosis causes pregnancies to be aborted and the disease can be passed on through the aborted tissues.

Tom Remington