February 3, 2023

Indiana Bill To Offer Help To Hunting Preserve Owners Dies

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An Indiana bill that would have either phased out hunting preserves through 2007 or offered some kind of financial assistance to owners, died in the General Assembly on Tuesday due to no discussion. Some wording was removed from SB 87 and thus it simply became wasted.

There are presently 12 hunting preserves in Indiana. Under a different DNR administration, these businesses were allowed to open as business owners were told they were legal. New DNR director Kyle Hupfer has classified them illegal and ordered them to shut down. He says this will begin this spring.

Some legislators, at first attempting to keep them open, later resorted to finding some way of phasing them out or finding ways to offer financial assistance to business owners who stand to lose substantial amounts of money.

There have also been horror stories telling of atrocious conditions at some of these hunting preserves along with flagrant rules violations.

It now appears that the issue is dead and preserves will begin shutting down soon unless someone files suit seeking to stop this action.

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Tom Remington


From the Associated Press – Kyle Hupfer, Indiana Department of Natural Resouses director testified today in court regarding a lawsuit filed by hunting preserve owner Rodney Bruce. The judge asked for final briefs to be brought to him within 10 days. Bruce is representing other preserve owners as well.

Tom Remington