October 6, 2022

Mayor Daley "Delusional"

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That’s what Illinois State Rifle Association’s executive director Richard Pearson, said after remarks made by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. After two killings in his city recently, Daley called for all 1.5 million gun owners in Illinois to come to see him in Chicago and explain to him why all their guns shouldn’t be banned or confiscated.

Hmm! At first I thought, “What an idiot!”, then I got to thinking. I think 1.5 million legal gun owners ought to descend on the city of Chicago and grant the fiesty mayor his wish. He obviously has lost control of his city and like all good leftist Democrats, it’s time to blame law abiding citizens.

Let’s give him what he asks for, I say. Maybe he could actually learn something but I doubt it. He is just too much like all the other ignorant and uninformed politicians who refuse to admit that their total annihilation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, doesn’t cut it anymore.

As Pearson put it in this article in refering to Mayor Daley,

“You may have succeeded in suspending the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 9th amendments…….. in Chicago, but the people of Illinois are not going to let you extend your tyranny beyond the city limits,”

So let’s make a date and take up our arms and descend upon Mr. Daley’s office, of which he is seldom in, and begin one by one explaining why he is a fool.

Tom Remington