September 25, 2023

Ontario Officials Nab 46 In Hunting Sting Operation

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The Ontario, Canada Ministry of Natural Resources has formally charged 46 for illegally hunting moose and deer. Two hunting camps operating about a mile and a half apart east of Sudbury, Ontario, where not connected with each other in any way officials say, other than being geographical near one another. Both camps comprised 46 who have been charged.

In one camp, 21 hunters have been charged with 140 violations and the other camp had 25 who are facing hefty fines and possibly jail time. Officials say that it doesn’t appear the groups were operating a commercially run illegal operation. Even though they were having their meat commercially processed, evidence indicates all the meat was being used for personal use and consumption.

Thirteen of the 46 have already been found guilty of various crimes totaling fines of over $31,000. Authorities say fines could exceed $50,000.

Most of the fines involved the illegal shooting of deer and moose, illegal use of tags or seals, failing to attach tags and having loaded weapons on a vehicle, to name a few.

Tom Remington