October 3, 2022

Kansas Hog Hunting Doomed

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A bill that would ban feral hog hunting in Kansas has passed both House and Senate committees. The bill would make it illegal to release hogs into the wild for any reason but what lawmakers have in mind is to stop the practice for hunting purposes.

A fine of $5,000 could be levied against anyone caught hunting or releasing swine. The bill would also make it illegal to gain any profit from any hunting activity related to hog hunting.

Officials have been out with helicopters shooting flocks of pigs in hopes of eliminating them. Why is it that I think this isn’t going to work? Why do I think game officials will be spending too much time and money trying to stop the spread of feral hogs? In my opinion, we’ll be revisiting this issue soon when Kansas takes up the issue of how to deal with an overabundance of wild hogs.

Tom Remington