February 6, 2023

Bullwinkle Costs Hunter Lots

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A Nova Scotia man got the book thrown at him on Monday for trying to shoot Bullwinkle the moose. Bullwinkle is a moose decoy used by Nova Scotia officials to help them nab poachers. The moose was placed on the endangered species list in mainland Nova Scotia last year but there still seems to be a problem with those seeking to have some moose meat.

Robert Lee McLaren, 49, of Pugwash Junction was driving down the road with his wife and child when he spotted Bullwinkle in the field. He stopped his car, took out his .30-06, rested it across the hood of his car and pulled the trigger. Officials moved in. It was not said whether he hit the moose or not.

McLaren pleaded guilty and lost his right to hunt for twenty years, had the car he was driving in confiscated, lost his rifle and has to pay a fine of $4,025 or face 72 days in jail.

There are eight more local residents awaiting their day in court as well.

Tom Remington