November 26, 2022

Should Iowa Sell More Licenses to Out-of-State Hunters?

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Evidently not, as the Iowa Legislature failed to pass a bill that would have given the Department of Natural Resources the ability to sell about another 6,000 non-resident hunting licenses that would have brought the department an additional $2.4 million.

But money isn’t the only issue here. Residents of Iowa want to protect their deer herd, which has grown from around 300,000 to 400,000 in the last ten years, for themselves. Another problem is the lack of hunting lands to share with more hunters. With very little public lands and most of the private land leased out, officials think adding more hunters to the mix would not be good.

Proponents of the idea say that with the added revenue, more public lands could be purchased along with leases bought up from private land owners to allow for more hunters. This in turn will help to reduce the deer population to better managable levels.

Outdoor Life magazine recently listed Iowa as number three on a list of deer hunting hot spots.

Tom Remington