February 7, 2023

Exposing The Radical Left-Wing Animal Rights Groups For What They Are

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I received this press release this morning. You are welcome to go and read the entire article. I wish to highlight some of the more revealing facts and comments made that will help us all to better understand the deranged mentality of extreme members of these groups and exposing them as to what they really are – terrorists!

This is a statement made by the FBI.

In May 2005, John Lewis, FBI deputy assistant director and top official in charge of domestic terrorism, stated, “The number one domestic terrorism threat is the eco-terrorism, animal-rights movement. These groups have a history of disregarding personal and civil rights of citizens in attempts to further their agenda.”

We then are told that the animal rights groups themselves reveal that there is a conspiracy.

Reliable sources within the animal rights (AR) community report that some extremist elements within their organizations are involved in a conspiracy to report false sightings of large cats such as lions, tigers, and leopards.

The press release then goes on to tell of several instances of false reports filed in order for these groups to draw attention to their cause. Evidence also shows that members of these animal rights groups are actually acquiring animals, sometimes exotic ones, for the purpose of releasing them or even killing the animals themselves and dropping them at key locations to appear as though other people are abusing animals.

Cook said the evidence points to the cats having been acquired by animal rights fanatics and set free to be “discovered”.

Participants in the animal rights “false sightings scheme” are encouraged to enlist friends and relatives in filing false reports to lend credibility with numerous eyewitnesses. Additionally, the groups are counseled to call reports when law enforcement staffing is at lower levels, such as Sundays and on holidays.

Marcus Cook, director of the Feline Conservation Federation, says we mustn’t allow these terrorists to get the upper hand.

Cook advises not to let fanatics succeed in enveloping America in a cloud of fear. “We have to continue to live our lives and use our power of reason and our superior intellect to outwit the extreme left-wing AR agenda.”

Speaking for the Feline Conservation Federation, Cook stated, “If American citizens use terror tactics against their own people, it is imperative that we make certain that no matter what their objective, they do not achieve it through these means.”

Tom Remington