September 23, 2023

Ohio Town Says No Hunting

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This feels more like the movie “Goundhog’s Day” than anything. Story after story about towns trying to deal with too many deer. Oakwood is no exception but one of the reasons I wanted to mention this town is because of what the city council said after rejecting a proposal to allow archery hunting of the deer by a vote of 4-1.

The city council said it is still looking for public input on other ways to control the deer population.

Public input on ways to control? What? Isn’t it best left up to those who study and understand wildlife management to come up with a plan first and then seek public input on the plan. No wonder we have a deer overpopulation problem. We’re letting the public decided how to control them. Why do we pay biologists to do this when we can get it free from the public? Nice!

Tom Remington