March 20, 2023

Oregon Commission Approves Highly Debated Cougar Management Plan

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A new cougar management plan that has seen its share of controversy and debate (scroll for previous stories), was approved by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission. The new plan calls for an increase in the number of cougars to be hunted in attempts to control the population.

Wildlife officials say there are too many mountain lions and the number of complaints from residents and livestock owners has increased dramatically. Anti-hunting and animal rights groups say leave the animals alone. Hunters want the chance to hunt the cougar and want to restore hunting them with dogs, believed to be the best and most effective way to hunt the big cats.

At issue has been the use of dogs. Dogs were banned from cougar hunting a few years ago and since then cat numbers have skyrocketed. What angers many hunters is the fact that they can’t use dogs to hunt but the wildlife officials frequently hunt and kill mountain lions with dogs. If the department feels like there is a nuisance cougar or too many in one area, they take their dogs and go kill the cats. Many find this hypocritcal and this takes hunting opportunities away from license buying hunters.

There were several hours of testimony about this new plan and nearly all of it was in opposition, yet the commission passed the plan anyway.

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Tom Remington