June 3, 2023

Wal-Mart To Stop Selling Guns in Some Stores

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According to a report in Business Week, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. has decided it will no longer sell guns and gun accessories in about 1,000 of their nearly 3,000 stores nationwide. Spokespeople for Wal-Mart say the decision is completely based on sluggish sales and little demand in certain areas. They say the decision will be made on a store by store basis and whether each store has enough demand for the product to continue to offer it on their shelves.

The NRA and other hunting and gun rights groups are concerned that some consumers who fall into the “not-so-affluent” category (my description, not theirs), will now have a more difficult time finding affordable guns and ammo.

Gun control and anti-hunting groups are attempting to make the decision something more than it is, saying that this is an indication that the public no longer has any use for guns.

Wal-Mart would not speculate on which stores in what regions would be affected.

The possible up-side to this story could come as good news to some of the small “Mom and Pop” sporting goods stores that sell guns and accessories. With competition from the world’s largest retailer gone, this may help them with struggling sales.

Tom Remington